5FOLDZ is a world-wide merchandise-sourcing organization, managing the global sourcing requirements. It offers buying services to a host of multinational clients, mainly retailers and wholesalers. Our global reach, leverage, and experience avails our clients of the best product at the best possible price.

We, act as an extension of your business to manage all aspects of your global supply chain. We take care of all vital aspects of the supply chain so that our customers - leading retailers and brands - can focus on their customers.

5FOLDZ believes in providing its clients with unparallel levels of service that not only leaves the customer satisfied but also ensures a long lasting relationship.

Our clients have the advantage of access to the latest information in the apparel and fashion accessories and lifestyle products through our strong supplier base who work with various other leading fashion brands of the world.

We strive to manage costs and continue our investments in our systems and supply chain to improvise efficiency across business. We also respond to the changing needs of our customers by improving our values without compromising on quality; something we view as short-term pain for long-term gain.

We have dedicated teams of product specialistís focus on each customer segment to professionally manage the entire supply chain. From product design and development, sourcing of raw material to production planning and management, quality assurance and export documentation, to shipping control - 5FOLDZ takes care of all your apparel sourcing needs.

Further, our designers and technologists ensure quality service and accuracy in terms of design interpretation of the product right from the conceptual stage till bulk delivery to the clients.

We also assess factory's production capacity, machinery, management, quality control system and help the factory to understand customer specifications and ensure that the products meet customer's quality standard. Inspection by us at different levels like pre-production, initial and post production ensures high standard and best quality.

It is our mission to become the most reliable, competent and trustworthy sourcing business partner for retailers and wholesalers of apparel, accessories, home and life style product. We relentlessly strive to provide satisfaction to our customers through quality of service that is consistent and reliable.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for any violation or abuse of human rights, child labor laws and factory-safety standards. 5FOLDZ has a passion for detail, quality, service and the ethical conduct of commerce.